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Our Teaching Community is Growing

With the unfortunate leave of Michael Palascak, Archip will introduce the students to a new studio leader in the beginning of the winter semester 2017/2018. René Dlesk was chosen from a group of 15 applicants, bringing forward a new approach to the studio development. Check out his website: While, as for the GAD program, we would like to announce the new studio leader, Peter Stec, who will start from the following semester and will work together with Martin Hejl and Shota Tsikoliya to offer a new understanding in parametric design. Moreover, on behalf of the ARCHIPtalks team and the school as a whole, we would like to congratulate our rector, Regina, on winning the scholarship at the Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, for her project called “School of Architecture as a Project”. Regrettably, this result in her leave from August till February but will benefit ARCHIP by the experience she gains.

Last but not least we would like to remind you about the visiting landscape design studio which will be a collaboration between ARCHIP students and students of Studio Kolařík at theFaculty of Architecture Czech Technical University. The aim of the studio is to design a pavilion that will become a leading link at the landscape festival in Prague 2018. The studio feature a semester of design followed by a fabrication period in the second semester. The first semester will be recognized as one of your AD studios of your bachelor. Take your chance and register now!

ARCHIP Talks, May Research

To make communication in ARCHIP better and increase transparency. The ARCHIPTalks team released questionnaires in May, regarding on how satisfied are the students with the studio approaches for this semester’s project. Also, the studio leaders/assistants were interviewed in order to see students’ work and school’s perspective from another angle. In the end, we got two different views, so to see what weights more or less and how can we all bring it to a better level. All results were presented at the students’ assembly and were also sent to each studio leader /assistant. Questionnaires can be found on ARCHIP’s facebook page and blog. We’re hoping that these interviews will spark conversation and help connect us as a school.

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GoRo Winners

This semester’s project included the design of a new school for ARCHIP, with varying emphases and design approaches. After the finalization, they were exhibited in the municipality building, where the GO-RO price for the best project was announced. For the second time at ARCHIP, three external jury members were asked to decide on a project which represents the best the given approach. Of the entries submitted to the competition, 10 promising works has been chosen.

In the next step of the competition, the jury selected the best project named “Twins”, designed by Maria Luu Orozco, a Bachelor in Architecture program student from Mexico. Her design was described as “Two small scale laconic block, with a sloping roof and the possibility of sitting between the two masses and on their roofs.” The approach enabled each studio to account for the context, the use of the space and the message the design should project. Based on these criteria’s, Ateliér Palaščák & Šimonová was selected as the best studio. With this competition, ARCHIP promotes and supports students and works to increase the awareness and understanding of design amongst the general public.


Jasper Cooper

“Do not be afraid to fall
outside the norm, experiment,
explore and to develop a
frame of values that stands
close to you as an individual.”

Caroline El Ayoubi

“For me, ARCHIP was not only
an educational experience but
an unforgettable journey of
self exploration.”

Lars R. T. Schmidt

“I would like to take the
opportunity and thanks the
people who helped me to
enjoy the last three years.
Alex, Matt, Ramon, Deborah,
Jordi, Olga and others, I will
surely miss you!”

Lea Kolotinski

“Studying in Archip was
largely experience-based -
learning through making, and
less through frontal lectures.”

Karina Gataullina

“Here, I discovered what it
means to be a follower, a
leader, a team player, a true
friend, a master of something
you are good at. I grew
confidence in myself. “

Alena Zmeškalová

“Imagine all the people living
life in peace.”

David Lameš

“The most intimate gatherings
bring the most diffused

Dandika Thanos

“The true spirit of ARCHIP
doesn’t lie in the competitive
mentality you see often, but
on the camaraderie we share
between each other.”

Miroslav Vochta

“It was enriching to follow the
design approach & behaviour of
people from diverse cultures &
places around the world.”

Jan Kováříček

“ARCHIP gave me opportunity
to follow my dreams and
opened up my eyes much
more than they used to be.”

Petra Ilijevic

“Interactive and dynamic vibe,
variety of topics discussed,
diversity within all of the different
elements of which school is

Prague Events & Activities for Summer

Gerhard Richter - Paintings exhibitions
Kinsky palac Staroměstské nám. 12, 110 15 Praha 1

26/04/17 - 03/09/17

Igor Eškinja: EXP - exhibition
Kvalitar, Senovážné náměstí 17, Praha

19/05/17 - 14/07/17

Bob Dylan – On the Road
Old Town Hall Gallery, Staroměstské náměstí 1, Praha 1

01/06/17 - 31/08/17

Acheron - exhibition of burial urns
Kvalitar, Senovážné náměstí 17, Praha

01/06/17 - 31/08/17

Dox by Qubus, Poupětova 1A, Praha 7

02/06/17 - 01/09/17

Prague Metronome Music Festival
Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha), Praha 7

23/06/17 - 24/6/17

Zaha Hadid, Naoto Fukasawa, Greg Lyn: Icons - exhibition
DSC Gallery, Dlouhá 923/5, 110 00 Staré Město

23/06/17 - 10/08/17

22nd International Organ Festival
Basilica of St James, Malá Štupartská 635/6, Praha 1, 110 00

03/08/17 - 21/09/17

For Arch
PVA EXPO PRAGUE, Exhibition Center Beranovych 667, Prague 9

19/09/17 - 23/09/17

The City of K - Franz Kafka and Prague - exhibition
Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Betlémské náměstí 5a, 110 00 Prague 1

The Müller Villa
Nad Hradním vodojemem 14, Praha 6 - Střešovice, 160 00

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